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HealthUnlocked Forum - Cystinuria Support

In response to numerous requests for an online forum for cystinuria patients, we have set-up a support group - called 'Cystinuria Support' on  the worlds largest social network for health platform - HealthUnlocked. This platform has over 700 communities and connects over 1 million people worldwide to allow people to share their experiences and get answers to their questions. We feel this is particularly relevant for patients with rare diseases such as cystinuria as patients rarely get to meet or discuss their condition with other patients. You may of course wish to join other interesting communities on the site as well.

So we encourage you to have a look and register (you can register anonymously). We would be delighted if people wish to post their experiences to help others and also to find information and support. Please do read the 'Cystinuria Support' community guidelines to understand the purpose of the site. You can download an App for your iPhone to make access easier.

We hope you find this useful and we would be delighted to receive any feedback either via the contact form on these pages or via the forum.

Matthew Bultitude and Kay Thomas


Please note: The Cystinuria Support Community strives to provide useful, up-to-date information on matters of concern to individuals with cystinuria and other members of the cystinuria community. The information posted on this site should not be used as a means of diagnosis, determining treatment, nor replace the relationship between you, your doctors and other healthcare professionals. For diagnosis and treatment options, you are urged to consult your physician.